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RE: Donald Trump to Build Border Wall to Keep Immigrants Out

GOP had no other choice, but to accept the candidacy of a candidate who has all the possibilities to loose. They know they will loose anyways, and, besides that, they will get... more »

RE: Twelve Senators offer two Months paychecks for the election

This is great! That´s a good thinking. Hopefully that motivates others to make sacrifices for the good of the country. Congratulations...... more »

RE: Children sent home from school for wearing t-shirts with Haitian flag

What that school did is illegal. It is more than just an act of racism; it is a violation of the right to free expression; a right which America stands for. Where is America... more »

RE: Environmentally, Haiti one of the most exposed countries in the world

Please, provide me, and everyone else interested, with a link to this study. I know that the country is highly vulnerable to several dangers. I also know that most of them could... more »

RE: Haiti to officially become member of the African Union in June

This is fannnntaaasstic! I just love it! This is not just a great recognition for a country that has maintained its African roots and most customs and heritage from the mother... more »

RE: Me Jules Cantave selected as new Provisional President of Haiti

Today, some 212 years later, Haitians are showing the world that "Yes, it can be done". Justice must prevail! It is time for a real change in Haiti. People can handle so much... more »

Steven Benoit accused Konviksyon for selling Mandats

WQe have to keep fighting agains corruption as the only way to bring properity to Haiti. more »

What do you think is likely to happen on voting day in Haiti?

I have my doubts. more »

Michel Martelly went crawling to Danilo Medina following protest

Haiti will be weak in every aspect of it financial and commercial lives until the authorities understand that they must easy out the food and other products production processes... more »

Restriction on 23 Dominican-made products, a Haitian victory

I am totally agreed with this article; but that's only one part of the equation. In order for Haiti to be able to hold its ground in this product-market-offer-demand... more »

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