A call for Haitian sacrifice for independence from Dominicans

Benito Volcy - September 23 2015, 12:37 PM

This has been a shame to hear what these people are doing to our People, As a matter of fact to darker skins, because Dominican is nothing but mestizo"Spanish/Black mixing".

I have a Friend here in Texas from the Dominican Republic here that commit the most stupid pleonastre in in History.

I ask him what is he consider himself as far as race, Which he reply proudly that he is not black- He is Dominican, Which I reply Sir Dominican is not a race, it's an Island called Hispaniola shared my tow Nations! Anyway-There are not white.

There are just mixed race just like us! For them to just expatriate people with darker skins from the other side of the Island is just GENOCIDE.

I think this actions from our Government is overdue! Something like this should of been done immediately! Please Cher Government.

Don't give up! Keep the pressure until they realize this is the 21 century and Country cannot take this kind of action without repercussions.

PS: Make me even prouder! IMPOSE MORE ACTIONS!

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A call for Haitian sacrifice for independence from Dominicans

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