A call for Haitian sacrifice for independence from Dominicans

Ricart - September 24 2015, 1:26 AM

We are hearing calls for economic independence from the Dominican Republic because it is enforcing its immigration laws and expelling undesirable illegal aliens; I also expect to hear calls for independence from foreign aids, NGOs, MINUSTAH, missionaries, etc, for those entities comes from countries that enforce their immigration laws and would deport Haitians if they had the chance.

Haitian authorities feel entitled to dump its poor and uneducated citizens on the Dominican Republic, and that they be allowed to work and live there illegally; Haitian authorities and the people they represent refuse to acknowledge that the Dominican Republic, as an independent nation, has the right to enforce its immigration laws and to expel undesirable illegal aliens.

Now Haitians are trying to make exports to Haiti incumbent on Dominicans not enforcing their immigration laws, all under the guise of "insuring imported products' quality and to tax them appropriately"; Such arrangement would lead to economic blackmail, where export deals could be called off if there is a need to expel large numbers of criminal and undesirable aliens; Exports and imports deals among sovereign nations should not be incumbent on not enforcing immigration laws, and the Dominican Republic should not accept export deals under such terms; If not enforcing immigration laws continues to be a requirement to export to Haiti, then we Dominicans wish Haitians much success with that endeavor when dealing with other countries (USA, Bahamas, CARICOM Nations, etc).

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A call for Haitian sacrifice for independence from Dominicans

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