Restriction on 23 Dominican-made products, a Haitian victory

Ricart - September 24 2015, 1:38 AM

"Dominicans forgot all now; They were under Haiti for 21 years on the president Jean-Pierre Boyer; I never forgot that"

You know who else didn't forget that?

The Dominicans, who have an armed forces that consists of approximately 44,000 active duty personnels, the second in size to Cuba's in the Caribbean.

So go ahead, rebuild your army, dig up Jean-Pierre Boyer, come over to East side of the island, and let get ready to rumble.

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Dominicans forgot all now.They were under Haiti for...

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Restriction on 23 Dominican-made products, a Haitian victory

After years of conducting uncoordinated politic toward the Dominican Republic; after so many years of Master/ servant relationship between the two...

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