RE: Jocelerme Privert named Enex Jean-Charles as new Prime Minister

A Baptiste - March 24 2016, 11:45 AM

This is one more Joke by Privert!
The members of the Parliament will never accept someone who will push for an entire make over of the elections.

Those who were wrongfully elected would be committing Hara Kiri for doing so and they must recuperated the money they have invested to reach their positions.

All they want is a continuation of the Presidential election among Jovenel and Jude Celesting if he is willing to participate.

There will not be a concensus against Jovenel as each candidate like M. Jean-Charles, Dr. Narcisse, Ceant wants a new chance.

Where is the deal between Privert and Martelly?

Leblanc as PM, Completing the election with JM as President and Youri as President of the Senate! The GANGSTERS have kidnapped the Country.

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Jocelerme Privert named Enex Jean-Charles as new Prime Minister

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