RE: Michel Martelly Is Getting Closer And Closer To Become The Next...

Eddy Stgermain - March 13 2011, 7:22 AM

you guys take it as a
joke this is not a joke guys, let's face it; haiti is a country who need a leader not a president michel martelly can be a
good president no doubt but a leader is what we need now someone with vision, motivation sa fe triste le ou tande yon neg
tankou praz michel di si martelly pa president ya boule ayiti...

sa fe triste...kom mwen paka vote kote mwen ye-a
mwen ta swete ayisyen frem yo konnen yo gen you peyi ki rele haiti, pakite ti simone ap vinn fe yon touye lot...

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Micky all the way Our next president Michel Martelly...

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