RE: Latest Poll, Candidate Jude Celestin Is Gaining Ground

Ricardo - October 28 2010, 9:20 AM

Who is Mr.Jude Celestin exactly?

No matter the answers found, I implore you Haitian people: not to vote him into office.

He is linked to the current president Mr. Rene Preval.

As we all have seen Mr. Preval is a failure.

Mrs.Mirlande Manigat is the right persone for Haiti now. She has knowledge and experience in politics for decades.

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I think we are going to end up with Jude Celestin who...

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Latest poll, Candidate Jude Celestin is gaining Ground

The latest poll for Haiti Presidential election showed candidate Jude Celestin is gaining ground. According to the Miami Herald, Mirlande Manigat is...

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