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RE: Resignation of Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, Bernice Phidelia, dual nationality raised

give one Haitian currently living in Haiti that can be a good president? I couldn't cume up even with one. all the politicians you see on the radios making noises are just... more »

RE: Only a Two Day Visa issued to Deputy Arnel Belizaire to remain in the United States

The day that we rehabilitate our character, the world will respect us and at that point, the United states will not be able to see our desperation for visas. Until that day... more »

RE: Gas explosion at Hotel Montana, four people injured

It is one of the best hotel in Haiti. But only rich can go there. more »

RE: American Embassy, USA Passport PUSA0439112330 Not For Haitian...

Moise jean Charles is an example of those dark forces in Haiti who has prevented the country from moving forward. Senator Moise Jean Charles is the tipical "Crab" among us. He... more »

RE: Demands Of 16 Senators To Michel Martelly Made Public

For those of us who are interested in helping the Haitian people but do not undrstand Creole, what are the demands, in English please. more »

RE: Top Secret Information Revealed On Haitian President Rene Preval

How should we take this report? it is positive or negative to Rene Preval? On the positive side, this information revealde that Rene Preval is after all is a nationalist, someone... more »

Re: Jude Celestin Said He May Have Lost The Election

Politic in Haiti is not for anyone. This is why we have people like Sweet Micky now in the game. I believe he can get elected because he is popular. It is not about what you can... more »

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