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University of Limonade closed following altercation, sequestration and death

Sak ap fet Jonas? Ki jan edikasyon pep la app resevwa la a. Denpi ki le Universite vi n tounen sant Volans, kidnaping elatrye? Fok etidyan yo mete Dlo nan divin yo more »

RE: Haiti National Dialogue has began, to what end?

This is a good sign. I hope that it is real and sincere. more »

RE: Where is Businessman Daniel Evinx?

Hi. Do not tell me we are going back to the era of Zenlendo and kidnapping,that is a bad image for the government.the should lage koukourouj Deye kidnapeyo more »

RE: Jean Bertrand Aristide ordered Jean Dominique's Assassination - VIDEO

What would be good now is for Mr Jean Bertrand Aristide to recognize his crime! For all these year, Mr. Preval his close associate probably new that Aristide is the main... more »

RE: First reaction by Monseigneur Langlois Chibly - VIDEO

Ce Pape e plesante pas. Before you know it we might have a black Pope and even a woman Pope. Hurray Pope Fracis more »

Jacques Thimoleon Stevenson replaces Jean Tolbert Alexis

We do need progress, stability and real construction in this country after the earth quake, the Lavalas and the cholera. Let us hope that this change of garde among the Deputes... more »

Raul Castro:"Cuba will not abandon Haiti"

Antouka mwen apresye sipo moral ke Venezyela ak Cuba ap bay Ayiti. Se le ou nan pwoblem ou konnen Bon zanmi ou. An plis se bel bagay pou boy resere relasyon nou ak de peyi sa yo... more »

RE: Haiti removed from imminent danger area List

Degre vyolans ke pep la tap utilize se te travay neg lavalas yo. Se ask fe peyi te twouve l na izolman denpi Lavalasa te pran pouvez a. Men konnye a yo vle tounen anko. La alas... more »

Michel Martelly preaching unity in Gonaives

We should appreciate this wonderful gesture of President Martelly. It is time for the Haitian society to be united in order for us to come out of our backwardness and act as a... more »

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