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Jean-Claude Duvalier Taken To Canape Vert Hospital In Haiti - How sick is he

jeanclaude ap sentyl ok apre jeanbertrand fin fai ti souse pouli. The former Haitian dictator Baby Duc Duvalier has health issue that requires him to go to the hospital on an... more »

RE: Haitian Mother Sets Her 6 Year Old Child On Fire To Remove Evil...

I guarentee you that this crazy demon was a lavalas more »

RE: Michele Montas Dominique Just Filed Complaint Against Jean-Bertrand...

I just hope his daughters don't hear about the baby of Nanoune Myrtil that some people said he ate as a newborn in a ceremony of his 35th Degree as a head member of the Dark... more »

RE: Small Change In Plan, Jean-Bertrand Aristide Will Be In Haiti On...

Aristide will be landing in Haiti tomorrow morning at 12:34 in the morning. Everyone must get early to assure yourself a plate of tasso makout and free bottle of limonade glace. more »

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