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RE: International Police (Interpol) is now looking for Roro nelson for his arrest

WHAT ABOUT Jean Bertrand Aristide what the going to do with him maybe kiss is ass more »

Rock throwing on Ambulance in Cap-Haitian and Port-au-Prince

monster with no brain SAVAGES, DONT YOU THINK SO more »

Jean Bertrand Aristide and Maryse Narcisse, last day campaign

Aristide should be in prison for life not in the streets of Haiti more »

RE: Most Haitians would not celebrate Halloween

Haitian people celebrate Roman Catholic Holidays : Nov 1st =All saints day = La Toussaint Nov 2nd =Decease day =jour des Morts. Vodou people celebrate African Guédé... more »

pouquoi entre haitien on se detruit pour le pouvoir..

èst il possible q`entre haitien on oublie nos s`emblables pour le pouvoir. more »

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