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RE: Simon Dieuseul Desras ale Pote Plint Pou Matelly nan Chile

That's just ashamed. I don't care what people said Haiti will never move forward with those politician. We have a population who totally ignore the legislative branch in Haiti... more »

when last time us open is border for you

You maybe not even haitian but talk about what u don'tknow more »

RE: Is the opposition biting more they can chew by protesting at US Embassy?

Are u a haitian or an american more »

ban krazé péyi

@ jacky Dessalines Shut up this people like you who should go to Dominican Republic and they will do something with you (ban krazé péyi) what do you know about... more »

RE: Edmond Mulet Blames Haiti for Cholera Spread - Video

if they were one haitian who have a little decency this man should be ban from haiti for those type of comment. more »

RE: Moise Jean-Charles urges Civil disobedience and Not to pay Tax

What would happen if every republican or tea party who mad at Obama to stop paying taxes. What about if all the democrat who mad at George Bush stop paying taxes or engage in... more »

RE: Behaviors that did not help the cause during anti-Martelly Protest

I bet u that someone with money and anti Micky gather a few thousand peoples and paid them money to act a fool more »

RE: Haiti ranked Dead last in port facilities, airport, road and infrastructure

This is the same country who always the best on everything,who think they can tell others what to do, how to do things,specially small country like ours so about we be free to do... more »

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