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I'm not a fan I'm just a proud Haitian

If this guy is the most credible senator that Haiti can have that's mean we can forget about this country. Me personaly I don't care about any of them. If I was in Haiti I... more »

RE: Here comes Moise Jean Charles on Cap-Haitian Incident

This guy is a joke. I don't know people even take they time to vote for those guys. more »

RE: U.S. State Department Warns American citizens to exercise caution during their visits to Haiti

when we look at it how many kidnaping in the us and no one know so there safety can look clean,when last time something truth about usa,when,its always lie,lie,fabricated story... more »

RE: Will there be an election in Haiti in 2013? The International community has spoken

i bet they will be election in haiti and why its gorvern by the same who never accept the get beat n need to pay back the money they stoling,if you have a true haitien who not... more »

RE: Mendat D'Amener and Travel Ban issued to Andre Michel

why u never talk about the allegation of corruption we been here of the president family,why everything else but the truth,so for what side you working for. more »

do u knoe what good is

let me ask you as i see you said he a great president in what way,you family get job there or what you defending do you know what they talking about or you have a badge too. more »

RE: Alvaro Arvelo Demands Dominican Republic Invade Haiti over Chicken and Egg Ban

about they try it to see what we made out off.remember your country was free by our choice not because you fight for can regret what you wish for. more »

where do you live

where do you live which nationality form the gorvernment,can you tell me please no excuse no lie,as we know canada usa,tell me one,maybe when you eat chiken with rice that all... more »

souki sa yo baze etid

le wap gade mounn kap mouri nan mond sa wap poze tet ou kessyon pouki sa,gen yon seri de peyi ki ap fe mounn soufwi men sepa janm fot yo yap pwan saki pifeb pou bay dirije intere... more »

RE: Haiti, Venezuela, Honduras, Most dangerous places for foreign multinational executives

sa se manti de pi oupa vle pou yo few tounen esklav pwantout sa ou ka viv ak yo se konsa more »

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