RE: Moise Jean-Charles urges Civil disobedience and Not to pay Tax

Pierre - November 20 2013, 1:56 PM

What would happen if every republican or tea party who mad at Obama to stop paying taxes.

What about if all the democrat who mad at George Bush stop paying taxes or engage in disobedience.

Who would pay the price Obama and Bush or America?

So when you see those clound politician leading the opposition ask the Haitian people to do that you got to ask yourself who the fighting for?

For the people or for themselves.

I think the answer is very clear the fighting for themselves because I the end they will have more name reconigtion that will favor they political ambition.

So we Haitian people always come out the looser after all. I don't care if it was Aristide, Preval, Martelly they were elected by the Haitian people so they need to finish they term.

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