I'm not a fan I'm just a proud Haitian

Pierre - November 1 2013, 12:52 PM

If this guy is the most credible senator that Haiti can have that's mean we can forget about this country.

Me personaly I don't care about any of them. If I was in Haiti I wouldn't vote for any of this people including the president.

I am not a fan of lavalas or Martely or anyone coming I just want change in my country.

Was in the same garbage that people used to say about Aristide too?

Like he was a drug dealer.

Now if you don't like a president you call him a drug dealer.

Maybe you have prove of what you saying or you just reapeted what people said but I the end you all the same. I'm not here to take side for anybody I'm from au-cap I will love to see my Haitian people have a better future but it won't happen any time soon with those joker that's in power.

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