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RE: Haiti, One Of The Most Corrupt Nations In 2011, Transparency...

We can be improved to a better rating. Let's lower the 175 to a 24 in a period of 5 to 10 years: Revive the constitution, Reinforce our values, Reform our justice system, Renew... more »

RE: Army Is Enemy Of Development, Peace And Freedom, Fmr. Costa Rica...

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti... Haiti is still a country, a republic, a nation. An army that is the only institution that we have missed. I am ensured the Costa Rica's president has... more »

RE: Both United Airlines And Continental Airline Flying Haiti's Sky

Why not? If the airport size is too small. We should take loan, sell, do anything to keep up with the challenge. Be confident!!! more »

RE: Haiti To Reinforce Public Structures, Making Them Earthquake...

"Ou Tande Bef, ale oue Konn..." What is this? We were one of the most intelligent people on earth. We accomplished a lot of things in a proper manner. Why not today and tomorrow... more »

RE: Live Video Interview With Wyclef Jean About The Shooting On The Eve...

The answer is: No. Remember he plays a few movies and worse than before he is a Haitian Politician, meaning he is 20 times more a liar than the day he was born. Now let be... more »

RE: After 40 Years American Airlines Has Been Flying To Haiti, What Did...

Nothing more than direspect for our people,anouncing 5 daily flights from Florida to Port-au-Prince. 2 weeks ago I saw how AA employees in Hollywood International Airport... more »

Re: Bus Accident Around Les Cayes, 9 Dead And 24 Injured

We understand that people were prostested for employment issue. Questions: 1- Did the protestors have an authorization from PNH for the event? If not, they should be arrested and... more »

RE: Michel Martelly Is Getting Closer And Closer To Become The Next...

He is a hard working man; is the winner. Hope he creates a space in his agenda for Education. We need that tool to move up. Chain up with him for a new Haiti. more »

Re: Video Report Of Jean-Claude Duvalier Visit In Leogane

Sak ki pou w ap toujou rete pou w. Jean Claude Duvalier est un Haitien. Il aime son pays malgre qu'il a comis des gaffes envers sa terre natale. L'importance de son retour... more »

Re: A Taste Of How The Campaign Of Michel Martelly Will Look Like -...

Michel Martelly is a Haitian before he became a famous musician. He has the right to participate in any Haiti events, such as: Politics, Religions, Cultures, etc... We need to... more »

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