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Mirlande Manigat, I want to be President with or without your vote

Haitians have made in the past many bad choices about electing a leader. They thought Martelly was a good choice, within a couple of years, they wanted him out, why is it so... more »

RE: Evens Paul revealed Martelly's Protocol favored Mixed Children over Black children in Milot Event

If a person is going to make such a statement,it needs to be backed up with pictures to be credible more »

RE: Canada to stop funding new aid projects in Haiti, said Julian Fantino

It is what it is!!! you reap what you sow. Julian Fantino is right. his statement is neither insulting nor repugnant. Maybe more people should have said it. If we're a proud... more »

RE: Phoenix Stadium in Haiti, Plan for Haiti National soccer stadium revealed

So they're building soccer staduims, cathedrals-it's all good but do they not realize that building roads, hospitals, clinics, providing 24 hours electrical power, decongesting... more »

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