1.5 million Dollars or Wilson Laleau for the release of Eustache St Lot

The president of BMPAD Eustache St Lot should know by now that Minister Wilson Laleau is not a real. Because he did not show up, the president of BMPAD was obligated to spend his entire weekend in Preventive detention. In addition, Minister Laleau doesn't show any sign that he will come to the rescue of his friend. According to an interview with Marie Lucie Bonhomme at Radio Vision 2000, on Monday (May 30, 2016), Government Commissioner Jean Danton Leger is still waiting for Minister Wilson Laleau to confront Eustache St Lot. The two have been contradict each other in recent deposition in the case related to ED'H.


Wilson Laleau, Eustache Saint-Lot PetroCaribe contradiction

This particular case involves millions of dollars that are unaccountable for. According to Commissioner Leger, the two left him confused where they have been playing the game of passing responsibilities on each other. When Wilson Laleau is asked for information on the ED'H case they are referred to Eustache St Lot and when Eustache St Lot asked for clarification, he refers to Wilson Laleau.

So far, Mr. Laleau doesn't seem to remember where the Parquet de Port-au-Prince is located because he can't find it. The faith of the president of BMPAD Eustache St Lot will be determind today.

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Subject: 1.5 million Dollars or Wilson Laleau for the release of Eustache St Lot edit

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