105 out of 192 Political parties approved by CEP

Here you have it folks. The political landscape in Haiti has gotten less crowded since yesterday. After more than 24 yours over the time scheduled to publish the results of the Political parties to be accepted to compete in the next election, the moment has arrived. The CEP announced that 87 political parties are out, or that is until they can prove their case to be part of the next election, and they have until this Friday to do that.


Mr. Nehemie Joseph was the CEP member with the privilege to make the announcement which came in late on Wednesday night.

Some of the remarkable names that passed the test and earned their ticket include:
TRUTH which is a party made by former president Rene Preval, MOPOD of former Presidential candidate Mirland Manigat and Pitit Desalin of former Haitian Senator Moise Jean Charles

What do you think? Do you think the CEP should have gone further and eliminate a lot more?

Do you think the CEP is in position to conduct an election with 105 political parties, sending candidates at every level of the competition?


105 nan 192 pati politik apwouve pa CEP

Politik an Ayiti te vinn gin mwens moun depi yè,

CEP anonce 87 pati politik pran kanet, oswa jiskaske yo ka Pwouve ke yo dwe patisipe nan eksyon kap vini an. Yo ginyin jouk Vandredi pou yo te fè sa.

Mesye Nehemiah Jozèf se manm nan CEP a ki te fè anons la lannwit Mèkredi.

Kèk nan non remakab ki te pase tès la:

TRUTH pati ki fèt pa Prezidan Rene Preval fòm, MOPOD pou ansyen kandida Prezidansyèl Mirland Manigat ak Pitit Desalin pou ansyen Senatè Moise Jean Charles

Ki sa ou panse?

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Julio De Castro says...

Li lè li tan pou pèp Ayitien an komanse sivilize.

Li li pou nou komanse antan n nou pou nou pa divize konsa e kreye plis konfizyon lakay pèp la. Li lè li tan pou nou ka òganize nou pou nou rive genyen 3 oswa 4 pati politik nan peyi

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Silias Reve says...

Haitian election is a real comedy and we are going to spend the next nine Months right in the middle of that comedy.

However, I do not want you to mistakingly underestimate this. This is a very important period, it is a gambling season with potentially high and consequences.

During this high season, I want for you to watch closely and with lots of interests some of the main players.

when I say high players, you may already think about the international community.

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Jean Francois says...

I hear lots of candidates will be running in the next election in Haiti.

Have you ever wondered how will they be able to do that?

In the United States where I live, I know for a fact it cost lots of money.

In addition, there are dirty money involved in this society that is so strict.

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Silvio Joseph says...

The recent explosion in the registration of Political parties at the CEP may be seen as too many. However, that is not the case at all. There is an argument in favor of having many political parties interested in an election.

In a country like Haiti where we are only at the beginning or at the foundation in the process of building a Democracy, this is actually a very good sign. it show the level of interest among Haitians in the process.

This can only improve the situation in the long run.

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