Administrative Complex with BEC in Verrettes burned down

The long-term loses in Haiti continue to multiply. We learned that the region of Verrettes is the latest victim in this long period of destruction. The entire administrative complex in th Commune of Verrettes was set on fire on the night of January 27, 2016. In this complex, you find various government offices, including a BEC for the region. Based on preliminary evaluation, the fire was deliberately set. No suspects have yet been Identified.


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Haitian Kreyol:

Konplèks Administratif ak BEC nan Verèt boule

Destriksyon an Ayiti ap kontinye anpil anpil pitit. Nou te aprann ke rejyon Verèt se te dènye viktim nan peryòd sa. Yo mete dife nan tout Konplèks administratif nan Verèt nan nwit 27 janvye 2016. Nan konplèks sa ou jwenn divès biwo gouvènman, ki te gen ladan yon BEC pou rejyon an. Baze sou preliminè evalyasyon, yo ta fè konin ke dife a yon moun fè espre mete li. Yo pa idantifye ankò sispèk .

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Subject: Administrative Complex with BEC in Verrettes burned down edit

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