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Video of Hotel Royal Oasis in the middle of raging fire

Here is the most revealing video of the Oasis after fire was set on the ground. All the cars parked in the hotel were burned. The cars in Universal Motors were also burned

It has been reported that at least seven people have been killed in Haiti during the protest over a significant rise in gasoline prices. Demonstrators burned tires in the streets, looted several shops and set cars on fire.

With the announcement of the Haitian government to raise fuel price up by 38%, 47% and 51% for gasoline, diesel, and kerosene respectively on July 6, 2018, violent demonstrations broke out across the country. The crowd placed barricades that blocked the main routes and burned many vehicles. They did not spare the beautifully manicured tropical landscape as well as magnificent views of the city. Dense black smoke covered the city. So far, at least seven people killed and dozens of businesses were looted or vandalized. The mob set fire on the most elegant city hotel 'Hotel Royal Oasis' in Port-au-Prince. The hotel is located in the modern and safe neighbourhood of Petion-Ville near many embassies, government agencies and international corporate offices. All the cars parked in the hotel were burned.

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Haitian Pastor in Brooklyn arrested in deadly fire

Luckner Lorient who has been a pastor at Eglise Baptist Clarte Celeste in Flatbush, was picked up at Miami International Airport on Tuesday July 26, 2016 as he returned to the United States from Haiti. The arrest came as a result of a deadly fire that took place back on Nov. 19, 2014, at 1434 Flatbush Ave., in a building owned by him. That particular building housed his church located on the ground floor but also some cramped apartments on the floors above. Two months before the fire, Luckner Lorient was fined by the city for subdividing the basement, second and third floors, with one subdivided apartment having 21 people living in it.

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Fire killed 4 people in one family in Vaillant, Cap-Haitian

This took place on the night of July 27 and 28, 2016 in Cite Blue Hills in cap-Haitian where 36 year old Anne-Rose Bel-Amour perished in a fire with her two children Nowens Jean age 3 and 4 day old baby Kervens Jean, and another relative, Vedeline Compere who was 6 years old. The origin of the fire has not yet been determined; howeve, according to Horace Jean, the father of the baby, in the room where the fire seems to be originated, there was a lamp and a gallon of gasoline stored there as well. This probably explains why the fire started so quickly without giving anyone there at the time a chance to evacuate

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Gas tanker explosion and flooding, both in Leogane

We learned that a gas tanker that was on its way to the city of Leogane exploded and burned several cars. The accident took place on Wednesday, April 13 around 5:00pm in the National route Number 2. This is the second tanker accident in just a few weeks. Recently, a Total gas station in Hinche was engulfed in flames, killing several individuals and burning down 3 vehicles.

By the way as a result of the torrential rain that fell on the city of Leogane between April 12 and 13, the city of Leogane is flooded as a result of the overflow of River Rouyonne

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Fire at the Cubano Renamed Le Perroquet in Petion-Ville

On Monday, April 4, 2016, a major fire ravaged one of the oldest hotel-restaurants "Cubano" in the upscale hilltop suburb of Petionville overlooking Port-au-Prince. "Cubano", the twelve room hotel was renamed as 'The Perroquet' (The Parrot) in 2012 where regular concerts and parties for promotion of traditional Haitian culture were organized and which was an integral part of Petion-Ville's night life. The hotel was situated on a great location, very close to the market street of rue Lamarre and had a unique combination of careful protection, informed guidance and local style. It was an easy-going guesthouse in the heart of Petionville. After the fire, only the walls of 'Cubano' remain among the charred debris.

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Major fire in Petion-Ville, look how we use our firefighters back home

A major fire took place in Petion-Vill today(April 4, 2016) causing major damages. According to some eyewitnessess, the fire started around 8:00am this morning inside a small Marche in Petion-Vill.It quickly moved and burned several houses in th area. We also the population received the help of the local firefighting unit in the area but it was not of much help. As you can see in this picture the population was transporting water from the fire fighting truck by bucket in a desperate attempt to bring the fire under control.

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Fire at a Gas Station in Hinche over 7 dead, 30 Injured

On Thursday, March 17, 2016, at least 7 people were killed and 30 others were injured when a truck carrying fuel for Total Oil Company caught fire and exploded in the town of Hinche, located some 110 kilometers (65 miles) northeast of the capital Port-au-Prince. As per eyewitness reports, around 2:00 pm in the afternoon, the truck hit a wall and spilled fuel as it was going to unload oil to a Total Service fuel station. As some spilt oil came into the contact with the cooking food on a vendor's outdoor grill, an instant, ignited spark came back to the fuel loaded tank, and exploded. The burnt victims were taken to the area hospitals and to Port-au-Prince for treatment. About 30 people were burnt to varying degrees, including 6 seriously burnt and 7 people lost their lives in the flame. The gas station is located near the bridge Vincent on the National #1. An initial assessment suggests that 4 houses close to the gas station were burnt including several vehicles, one tank truck and more than twenty motorcycles.

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Administrative Complex with BEC in Verrettes burned down

The long-term loses in Haiti continue to multiply. We learned that the region of Verrettes is the latest victim in this long period of destruction. The entire administrative complex in th Commune of Verrettes was set on fire on the night of January 27, 2016. In this complex, you find various government offices, including a BEC for the region. Based on preliminary evaluation, the fire was deliberately set. No suspects have yet been Identified.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Konplèks Administratif ak BEC nan Verèt boule

Destriksyon an Ayiti ap kontinye anpil anpil pitit. Nou te aprann ke rejyon Verèt se te dènye viktim nan peryòd sa. Yo mete dife nan tout Konplèks administratif nan Verèt nan nwit 27 janvye 2016. Nan konplèks sa ou jwenn divès biwo gouvènman, ki te gen ladan yon BEC pou rejyon an. Baze sou preliminè evalyasyon, yo ta fè konin ke dife a yon moun fè espre mete li. Yo pa idantifye ankò sispèk .

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Fire in Queens that killed three Haitians likely caused by unattended Soup Joumou

Queens Kitchen Fire Kills three Haitians. On New Year's Eve 2014, at approximately 11:45 pm, a fire started at Le Frak City apartments in Queens. When firefighters arrived, the blaze was already out of control. Reinforcements were called, and a total of 105 firefighters fought the fire. On the ninth floor, firefighters beat back flames and thick, heavy smoke to access apartment 9C. Inside they encountered heavy smoke in the hallway, leading to the back bedrooms. There they found two of the victims, Louise Jean-Charles, 59, and husband, Napoleon Michel, 69. The third victim was discovered jammed between the front door and a wall, Nadia Donnay, 37. All three were pronounced dead at Elmhurst General and Forest Hills Long Island hospitals.

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Three people killed in Fire as soup Joumou left unattended on a stove in Queens

Haitian independence day became fatal to a Haitian family in New York. A deadly fire broke out on December 31, 2014 at 11:45 p.m. on the ninth floor of an 18-story apartment building in Queens as the family was cooking their traditional Soup Joumou. According to the report, the fire started from the stove in the kitchen and quickly spread to the bedrooms, where two of the victims were discovered

Fifty nine year old Louise Jean-Charles, along with her husband Napoleon Michel who was 69 and 37-year-old Nadia Donnay were killed as a result of the fire. The report indicated that 150 firefighters responded to the fire and several were treated for injuries

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