New Green Farming Center Promotes Sustainability Practices in Haiti

Agriculture is Haiti's most important but under-utilized resource. Not enough has been done to increase crop yields or exports in the world market. But a sustainability movement has started in some parts of the country, creating The Center for Rural Sustainable Development (CRSD), launched in Kenscoff. Present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony were Agriculture Ministers and Pamela White, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti.


The center will be operated by University of Florida sustainability experts, who will instruct farmers on greenhouse, drip irrigation, and vertical farming practices. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has underwritten the project. Conceived as a modern teaching facility, instructors will show farmers best practices for green farming. They will teach them how to grow different crop types, operate the latest farm equipment, and become responsible stewards of the environment.

One of the technologies to be taught is vertical farming. The idea is to use less acreage, preventing land being over-farmed. As Haiti and the world's population increases, a greater volume of crop yields will be necessary to feed the planet. Vertical farming can respond to population growth more effectively than traditional farming methods.

Farmers, who have already been introduced to green farming technology in Haiti, have raised the volume of their crop yields significantly. Ambassador White, during her keynote speech said, "I do not want Haitian farmers to earn only $1 per day . . . when Haitian peasants earn enough money to provide for their families we will be really happy."

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