Are Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly under gag order

I noticed that since the end of the run-off election in Haiti, there has not been any word from any of the two candidates.


"Eske Chat Pran lang Yo?"

Maybe it's me. Let me ask you the question: Have you heard any statement about the election or the result by either Mirlande Manigat of Michel Martelly?

Why is it for some issues we can never come to an agreement and for others, we agree immediately?

Do you want me to give you some examples?

November election resulted in total chaos while March run-off election took place in relative peace. CEP said not to publish the results; and no Haitian media dear to publicize them. The latest case is the gag order for Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat.

"Plim Ne Gouill"

"Babouket Nan Dyol"

it seems like we conform pretty well when we have to.


Are Michel Martelly and Mirlande manigat under a gag order?

Have Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat been ordered to keep their mouth shut until the results are made public?

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James John says...

Stanley Lucas has his

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Sesalye says...

Yes there is a gag order, but here are the unofficial results
Lycee Jospeh Pierre Sully 06-22-61-02-88-7 T611 M214 Pour 6 bv
Lycee Jospeh Pierre Sully 06-22-61-02-88-7 T611
Pour 6

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Paul says...


If there is a gag it must be a very good one and does not seem to apply only to the 2 candidates.

I can't get either, any post elections info from my usual sources, such as NPR, PRI or BBC. It is a total blackout.

Is Haiti and its election news are being quarantained?

We shall hear something soon, I

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Gagus says...

Yes they have been told to stay,

Cette Carte represente non seulement la Configuration des centres de vote a travers le pays mais surtout les resultats partiels recueillis par nos differents Observateurs deployes sur le terrain.

Toutefois, il est a preciser que ces resultats ne sont pas

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Anold Derismond says...

I have a bet out. I am betting $50 to $1000 that Michel Martelly will win.

Haitians need to learn to put their money where their mouth is. If you believe that Mirlande manigat will win this election, here is an opportunity to win $1000 while only risking $50

If you are interested, please contact me at the following email address:

deris509 at

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Maxo C. says...

If you noticed, the way Mirlande Manigat and her supporters are talking, they already accepted the unevitable.

They know that Mirlande Manigat did not have any chance of winning.

This is why you already see some formed Manigat supporters converting to the Martelly

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Ti Paul says...

Gag order or not, Michel Martelly is President.

Whether or not you like it, Michel Martelly is President

Krye ou pa, Michel Martelly is President

So the result is clair and simple: Michel Martelly for

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George says...

This is what is called in Haitian Creole "Nou Poze, Nat Tan Rezilta".

You know it and Iknow it that Michel Martelly is already president.

There is no way the government can make us swallow Mirlande Manigat.

Michel Martelly already received 62 percent of the

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Jonace Thermidor says...

Mirlande manigat did not receive any Gag Order.

As a highly educated person, she knows not to do that already.

She knows how to follow rules

I wish I could say the same for Sweet Micky.

This man does not respect

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Manno V. says...

These people have been told to stay quiet and not to open their mouth.

Don't you know if Micky was not told to be quiet, that he would send his new Chimer to the streets to start

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