Aristide Foundation for Democracy Promotes Social-Justice Principles

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti's 54th president, served as one of a handful of full-term rulers since the island's independence was won in 1804. Controversial, misunderstood, maligned, and a pawn for foreign interests' agendas, he was driven from office at the end of his second term in 2004. Exiled to Africa where he remained until 2011, he continued to exert influence through his party Fanmi Lavalas.


Through his contacts with foundations outside Haiti, he received an endowment to start the Aristide Foundation for Democracy (AFD). With this endowment and other funding from the government of Haiti, Aristide built the Aristide Foundation University (AFUNI). The mission of AFUNI is the advancement of social-justice principles as part of the ethos of AFUNI's purpose.

AFUNI offers certificate, undergraduate, and advanced-degree programs. Medical and computer-science programs and scientific research comprise its curriculum. AFUNI is an accredited institution that is routinely vetted to keep pace with international higher-education changing standards. AFUNI's Constitution states clearly it is not a politically-identified organization and does not pursue any ideological platform.

One of the key objectives AFUNI practices inherent to all higher-education institutions world-wide is the development of critical-thinking faculties in its student body. AFUNI also applies its research knowledge to the development of curriculum objectives and need-based projects in the Haitian community.

Aristide Foundation for Democracy is operated through a joint partnership with Cuba. Its four administrative organizations guided by the AFD Constitution are: Board of Governors, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and the University Council.

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