Primitive art of Haiti with an international reputation

Haitian art has grown to attain world recognition. This is an extra-ordinary fame for the so called the poorest of all the western countries.


Haitian art is termed as the best form of primitive art in the world. The industry gained ground in 1940 when an American teacher began to appreciate the uniqueness of Haitian art. Dewitt Peters was impressed by the talents that he discovered in many uneducated Haitians.

The people of Haiti create unique artistic materials which are based on raw colors. Dewitt established the Centre D'Art Haitian in 1943 an artistic centre to support and expose Haitian dedicated artists.

The Centre D'Art Haitian has seen uncontaminated historical paintings depicting the African history, human slavery and independence. Haiti paintings have been described as primitive, naïve and folk.

The Haitian art has gone to several books with writers comparing the Haiti art with Rousseau and Gaugin. In Andre Breton's 1947 "Surrealism and Painting" book the writer has included Haitian paintings in the popular piece.

Since 1980 Haitian Galleries have taken the lead as Haitian art dealers. The gallery exhibitions are outstanding and they include fantasy landscapes, Voodoo art, oil drum art, primitive village life among other paintings.

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