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Saint Soleil is an art school linked to Prospere Pierre-Louis. Prospere has his roots in Bainet a town in the south of Haiti. After his birth in 1947 he grew to love drums and the violin. His father houngan also engaged him in voudou ritual ceremonies.


Despite his lack of school education, the boy practiced shaving and worked as barber at the age of 16. His painting destiny was shaped when he hooked up with Maud Robard.

In 1973 and while Prospere was working for Maud as a waiter, Maud organized a team of artists of different genres into a movement. Maud was working in collaboration with a Haitian legend artist Tiga. The movement was called Saint Soleil. Prospere joined the team under the influence of Maude.

Prospere contributed to the movement through painting and eventually emerged as the best painter of the team. His works were featured in the 1984 telephony directory of Port-Au-Prince.

1975 was the year for Saint Soleil to penetrate the word art industry. A visiting French national Andre Malraux put the school on the map of the world by featuring the movement in his L'Intemporel book. It is reported that Andre was amazed by a Saint Soleil scene when the artists come down the slope each holding a piece of art and circled him.

However the movement didn't last long. It was disbanded after a few years but five members of the team rejoined to form a new group by the name Cinq Soleils. With the help of French cultural organizations the group managed to open a big atelier in Soissons. The atelier was launched in 1989.

The great painter Prospere died in 1996 of an asthma attack. He was a better paint by the time he died.

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