Trina McGee, father a photographer and revolutionary from Haiti

Trina McGee, birthdate of September 6, 1969, born in the Bronx, is an American actor, known mainly for her work on ABC's "Boy Meets World". She is of mixed-parentage, her father a photographer and revolutionary from Haiti, her mother a classical pianist. Trina never knew her father growing up because he was on the run from Papa Doc Duvalier's regime, having rebuked it in a series of political screeds. Growing up, Trina pursued songwriting, acting, and an interest in politics, at the acclaimed Manhattan Country School, a legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King's now legendary "I Have a Dream" speech.


Trina McGee left Howard University, where she was a political science major and decided to enter the music business instead. A song she wrote hit #1 on the local charts in Minneapolis, and from there on events led her in the direction of an acting career, in which she worked with well-known actors Marisa Tomei, Gina Gershon, and Jane Alexander. Music producer Quincy Jones offered her an opportunity to work in TV, but the project never panned out. However, Quincy did mentor her into becoming a polished performer.

Marriage, three children, and continuing success as an actor on TV and in films eventually landed her a role on the sit-com "Boy Meets World" as a teenager. The controversial theme of interracial romance that this series presented was inspired by a piece Trina McGee wrote for the L.A. Times, in which she argued that racial tolerance was a democratic principle. Her third act as a single stay-at-home mom found her doing commercials with Eric Benet and D.L. Hughley, and performing as a singer for Ice Cube's "Friday After Next" series. More brief television appearances followed.

Trina McGee remains firmly established in the entertainment field, writing pilots for many TV sit-coms, and attracting major and well-known acting talent to her projects. She is a professional, continuing to rise to new heights in the entertainment industry, and it's a sure bet we'll be seeing and hearing a lot more from her.

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