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Actor Jimmy Jean-Louis wins Excellence in Arts Award

After forging a substantive career in entertainment encompassing fashion and the cinematic arts, Haitian-born actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis began his humanitarianism, having gained a formidable platform from which to do good works, and has now been awarded the Excellence in the Arts prize for his contributions to entertainment as well as humanity through the foundation he founded, Hollywood United for Haiti.

Upon receiving the prestigious award from the Caribbean American Heritage Awards, Jimmy Jean-Louis joined the ranks of those Caribbean notables who have taken home a prize from the foundation which awards those Caribbean artists who have made significant contributions as immigrants to the United States. Past recipients include Jamaican Reggae Artist, Freddie McGregor, who has had hits including, 'Big Ship' and 'Just don't want to be lonely', though McGregor's award was for Lifetime Achievement.

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Successful actor to leave acting behind for humanitarian work

This is something I am not willing to do and I know many other are also not in the mood for. Jack Gleeson who plays the successful character Joffrey Baratheon on HBO's "Game of Thrones" want to leave acting where he is likely to earn multi million dollars and work as volonteer, doing charity works.

"Mezanmi oukwè Ti bonnom sa Byen nan Tèt Li?"

What is surprising is that charity work is not something new to Jack Gleeson. The actor has recently been to Haiti with aid agency Goal, which he called "inspiring."

Moin ouè coman "Piram" nan Pyes teyat "Pelin Tèt" tape repon kesyon sa" Lajan, Lajan Oui"

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The Life of Franketienne

Haitian culture's emblematic figure, Franketienne is a Haitian teacher, painter, actor, writer and poet. He has authored 40 books in Creole and French that include names like Ultravocal and Dezafi. His exceptional work has earned him numerous literary awards and prizes. He was born in 1936 and his original name was Franck Etienne. When it comes to painting and art, Franketienne is known for his abstract and colorful work and very often he has been found to be emphasizing on red and blue.

Franketienne is a protagonist - larger-than-life type of protagonist and even during the days when Haiti succumbed to the dictatorships of Papa Doc and Baby Doc, he was never forced by his fear to step down of the National Stage. Franketienne compares a dictator to sado-masochistic relationship where a master is served by his slaves and the very existence of a master depends on the existence of slaves. However, Franketienne never related the historic Haitian slavery with sado-masochistic relationship because even though the master-slave relationship held true in those days, the only problem was that the slaves were considered to be expendable because of excess supply.

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Actor Robert De Niro Looking at Haiti as Possibility for His New Hotel

Laurent Lamothe, Haiti's new Prime Minister (PM), flew to New York on June 16, 2012 to conduct exploratory talks with Haiti Consul General Charles Forbin about New York labor laws. As part of his visit, PM Lamothe was scheduled to meet with Oscar-winning Actor, Robert De Niro, to discuss his plans to build a hotel in Haiti. If the actor commits to building one, this would be more good news for Haiti, who needs to ramp up its tourism trade as part of the recovery effort from 2010's earthquake, which completely leveled the Port-au-Prince region. Recently, U.S. Best Western began construction on a luxury hotel in Petionville, near Port-au-Prince.

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Alex Desert, Haitian-American actor

Alex Désert, birth date of July 18, 1968, is a Haitian-American actor, who has been featured in multitudes of TV, film, and commercial acting roles. He first made an impression on viewers on a CBS series called TV 101, working with Matt Le Blanc of Friends fame. In another CBS project, The Flash, he portrayed forensic lab technician, Julio Mendez. Other TV vehicles followed including The Heights (1992) and Becker (1998-2004), with Ted Danson.

In film, Alex Desert has worked twice with Jon Favreau, first in PCU, then Swingers, and with John Cusak in High Fidelity (2000). He made a Sarah Silverman web advertisement, The Great Schlep, a public service announcement of sorts, in which Jewish, college-age students are asked to travel to Florida and urge their grandparents to vote for Barak Obama in 2008.

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Jamie Hector, Haitian-American actor

Jamie Hector, birth date of October 7, 1975, is a Haitian-American actor, who began his acting career right out of high school, beginning in community theater. While enrolled in college, he auditioned and won roles on New York Undercover, Third Watch, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Beat. He is best known for playing Marlo Stanfield on HBO's much talked-about series The Wire.

As a film actor, Jamie Hector has appeared in Spike Lee's Clockers, He Got Game, Ghost Dog, Prison Song, and Everyday People. In 2003, Hector won acclaim as an actor in the film Five Deep Breaths, an Official Selection at major film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, and IFP). The short film garnered 16 awards, and attracted the attention of David Simon, who gave him the role of Marlo Stanfield in The Wire.

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Jessica Lucas, Haitian actress

Jessica Lucas is a leading and successful actress who has seen a big change in her life by just acting and being a great one at that. She was born by a Haitian-Canadian father and a Pakistani mother in Melrose Place and Edgemont. She started acting at a very tender age of just 7 where she joined a Children's Theatre Arts where she received a professional acting role.

Jessica Lucas has ever since been able to feature ion many of the most favorite and well received films and series where she has established a very great career. Her first featuring in a film was in the Canadian teen drama television series Edgemont as Bekka Lawrence which feature in 2001. She had however featured in one episode of the series seven days where she acted as Rita.

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Jimmy Jean-Louis, a Long Journey to Reach Success

Jimmy Jean-Louis, birthdate of August 8, 1968, is a Haitian-actor-model, who found fame as "The Haitian" in Heroes, an NBC series. He lived in Pétionville, near Port-au-Prince, from infancy, until at 12 he immigrated with his family to Paris, to begin a modeling career.

There Jimmy Jean-Louis studied at Academie International de Dance. By 1991 producers discovered him dancing at a French club and hired him for a Coca-Cola print advertisement, which was highly successful. This opportunity raised his modeling profile and enabled him to work with haute couture fashion designers, Gianfranco Ferré and Valentino.

He had come a long way, from his homeless days in Paris to dancing in videos with the likes of Mariah Carey, Seal, and George Michael. He continued dancing and acting in musical theater, and getting exposure in an erotic French TV program.

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Panou, Haitian actor

Panou is a Haitian born and raised actor who has had a very successful career as an actor and who has made by simply following in his dreams and interests which he claims to have had ever since he became self-aware of himself at a very tender age. He has been able to over the years develop a skill from a talent where he nurtured and realized his dream and talent into what it is today.

He has featured in a couple of movies, series and films where he has been able to easily make a name for himself. His name "Panou" a unique one word name literally translates to "God with us" and has been a kind of blessing to him where he says that he has actually seen God work for him and help raise him to where he is today.

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Sharon Pierre-Louis, Haitian American actress

Sharon Pierre-Louis is an American actor who has made it simply out of great and exceptional talent which she realized long enough to warrant excellence and success. She is born of Haitian parents who had immigrated to the states in the 1980s and had her born in the country making her a citizen by birth. She has 5 other siblings one of whom is a deaf brother.

Sharon Pierre-Louis is a great actor having been involved with various ABC series and programs and making it big on the shows she has done to the present day. She is one of the few people who have been able to make it simply out of great talent and love for what they do. She is recorded of saying that she was a great fan of acting while still in her young years such that she even began acting at the age of 8.

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