Baie-de-Henne, Haiti fish farm

As part of his platform to decentralize government and create self-sustaining communities, Haiti President Michel Martelly officially launched the Baie-de-Henne fish farm, by releasing hatchlings at the Baie-de-Henne lake reservoir on July 20, 2012.


The Baie-de-Henne reservoir is among the latest hill-side lake to be incorporated into the National Program of Hill Lakes. It joins a series of recently opened hill-side lakes, now at 160 in the country.

The hill-side lakes' purpose is the raising of farmed fish and conservation of water resources, during the off-season of rainy weather. The hill-side lakes are a repository for crop irrigation and animal need for water during seasonal droughts. Besides the benefits of food self-sufficiency and conservation, the lakes also sustain the local ecosystem. Birds who inhabit these reservoirs feed on insects, which save crops.

President Martelly traveled to the northwest towns of Baie-de-Henne and Raymond, along with Minister of Agriculture, Jacques Thomas, and Karl Charlemagne, agronomist and Department Director of the Ministry of Agriculture. Community of the Incarnation Order, Brother Franklin Armand, part of the contingent of public officials, has headed the effort to achieve the development of more than 160 hill-side lakes in the northwest.

President Martelly, in his comments, emphasized the vital role the lakes play in providing food self-sufficiency and the renewal of agriculture for communities subject to the whims of nature, and her unpredictable periods of drought. It is Martelly's goal to continue to stimulate sustainable practices in Haiti's outlying areas.

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