Banking Fraud In Haiti By Gerard Dumont

An important case of a fraud in banking has taken place in Haiti. One of the biggest issues in Haiti is that for whatever crimes are committed, the concerned people are not held accountable. The same mistakes are being made over and over again.


Gerard Dumont Vanishes With Millions Of Dollars

The Allied Irish Banks were defrauded of $750 million by a trader based in Baltimore. There was also a particular Gerard Dumont who was the owner of a Mini Bank in Haiti. The bank was called Bureau de Change Gerard Dumont. In the late eighties, it closed down suddenly.

The people in Haiti were robbed of their money when Gerard vanished with their millions. He had attracted their attention with a scam offering a high rate of interest. In Haiti, the political situation was not very stable due to which the fraudster Gerard was virtually forgotten.

Poor Haitian's Voices Remain Unheard

From the rich in Haiti, he had got a few dollars. Voice of the poor Haitians was not too loud enough to be addressed or heard. No one knows whether or not a detailed investigation was done or not or whether the case is open or closed or whether efforts were made to find Gerard.

Aristide and Jean Claude Duvalier should face a criminal trial for embezzlements in crime against the people of Haiti through the funds of a cooperative saving.

Gerard Dumont Whereabouts

There is lots of curiosity on whether anyone is aware about Gerard and his whereabouts or whatever must have happened to him. It is wondered whether or not Gilbert Dumont, the son of Gerard who has a show on radio on Radio Metropole is aware about the whereabouts of his father.

It is believed that before Duvalier Jean Claude left power, Gerard had been pocketing the funds on his behalf. Some people believe that Gerard is in Israel. Others feel that victims should be compensated by Aristide. It must be known that Haitians have not forgotten these crime embezzlements and are expecting their funds to be returned.

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