Bassin Zim Legend and Reality

Bassin Zim, little-known treasure of Haiti, sits along Central Plateau, eight kilometers away from Hinche. It contains waterfalls, coves, and caves. The falls tumble down in white-clouded streams to four azure coves below: Candelabra, Arc-en-ciel, Bassin Zim, and Wells. Implanted within each cove are colonies of caves lined with mineral rocks. Some contain artwork by indigenous Taino Indians before immigration and colonization began.


Considered a spiritual oasis for seekers of nirvana, it is rumored healing here manifests later in positive events in believers' lives. Those who can weather the daunting trek to Bassin Zim are rewarded by an almost unearthly scene of beauty.

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But a sober reality exists alongside the splendor of the environment. Stephan Hilaire, a sociologist, explains the on-rushing falls have not been used to deliver energy power to communities surrounding the site, to light streets and homes. The falls have also not been utilized to create irrigation fields for fuller farmland development.

Bassin Zim has great potential as a tourist attraction, and residents of the Central Plateau have been beseeching government to develop the natural resources for infrastructure improvement. But the government of Haiti, enmeshed in corruption, has failed Bassin Zim.

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So while many agree a road built from Hinche to Bassin Zim would help develop the Central Plateau, the GOH needs to do more than just build and maintain a road. The GOH needs to fund conservation efforts for the Bassin Zim waterfalls that would be the foundation from which to turn Basin Zim into a tourist destination.

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Jocensky Stephond says...

Mwen te ale Bassin Zim en 1985 min gen on clasmate mwen ki te rele Gesner Mogelin ki moun la a m ta rinmin gen kontak

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Liliane Louis says...


I went to Bassin Zim 56 years ago. I would love to revisit the site. It is a natural beauty as long as I can

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