Call for Social Contract in Haiti to Promote Opportunities for All

World Bank Group Emphasizes More Social Inclusion of Poor Haitians


The World Bank Group (WBG) has made available to the public a report, "Haiti: Towards a New Narrative", in which they analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Haiti five years after the earthquake. Although the island has experienced a significant growth rate of about 3.3% in the period 2011-2014, it is losing momentum. The report states, ". . . economic growth has been too slow and not favored the poorest."

Donor funding is on the wane and trading services for land and property grants has also dropped off. The report urges organizing more resources to raise revenues; employing best practices for better administration of public monies; and prioritizing expenditures. The positives in the report include reduction of dire poverty and sustainment of the macroeconomic balance.

But there is still the matter of social inclusion to be accomplished. Many Haitians still lack access to basic healthcare, and there are not enough employment opportunities in the formal job sector. Any employment opportunities available are focused within Port-au-Prince. More jobs must be created beyond the capital.

The Haitian marketplace needs more competition, to attract new firms to become part of Haiti's economy, and make products more affordable to consumers. Standing in the way of economic growth has been the population explosion the last 20 years, provoking more violence and stunting private investment and economic expansion.

The WBG BOD will meet on September 29th to renegotiate the social contract to permit greater social inclusiveness.

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