Call for strike today in Haiti against the rise of fuel prices

There wasn't supposed to be any activity on the streets in Haiti this Monday, march 28. Haitian unions called for a one day strike on Monday to protest the increase in fuel price by the Haitian government.


Based on the new rate, the gas prices were to increase as follows: The price of one gallon of one gallon is to be increased by 55 cents, or from $4.10 to $4.65, US. One gallon of diesel would jump to $1.00, or from 2.77 to 3.77. Finally

The strike called by Haitian Union was to start at 6:00am, on Monday and the goal was to force the Haitian government to bo back to their decision and continue to subsidize the fuel


What is the likelihood that a strike would make the Haitian government change its mind?

Do you think the government should continued to subsidize the fuel?

What long-term solution do you see for Haiti fuel problem?

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Wapsuiv says...

Making ethanol from corn is a good thing if you want to offset fossil fuels from oversease.

On the greenhouse gas side of things, it is not clear if corn, as grown today, is a good thing

While corn-based ethanol is an improvement over gasoline, ethanol from woody, fibrous plants would pack even more energy.

Willow trees, switch grass, farm waste and specially grown crops are all feasible

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Dieuseul Rosier says...

I have 2 questions if anyone out there can help:
1.- Why do the government have to subsidize the gas?

2.- Why do people who have money can not buy the gas and resale reasonably as it is done in a capitalistic country?

Now, the government is helping and those people decide to close their pumps anytime they have a problem with the same government.


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Bernabe says...

I have one question for the government of Rene Preval in term of fuel for Haiti.

What happened to as.

Petro Caribe.

I guess, this is for Preval.

Dhis deal was made so that he can make money.

I don't see how the haitian population benefited from this deal at

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Alta V. says...

There are many things that can be used to make fuel in Haiti.

We are relying too much in foreign fuel. The government should invest in Solar energy.

It should also invest in wind

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Sanon says...

Texacxo has been making money in Haiti for ever. When are they going to contribute to the population.

These rich companies are in Haiti only for one thing.

Toe exploit the

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Minou says...

The Haitian government does not help its citizens.

How can someone make any money when the cost of gas goes up.

These poor people were not making any money before they increased the price.

It will be worst

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