Just like in the US, Haiti will offer Home mortgages

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that "Micro-mortgages" will be offered to Haitians as part of a new program funded by the International donors of Haiti. Former President Bill Clinton stated that this type of mortgage will be offered to the majority of people in Haiti, including the very poor.


Welcome to the world of Bills in Haiti

Does this mean that from now on, Haitians in Haiti will be able to feel the heat of "High Stress" that we, the Haitian Diaspora" have become accustomed to in the US and Canada?

Don't take me wrong, it will probably be a good thing for the people in Haiti to have access to funds. I just want them to know that they need to be smart about that and use it in a way that will make them become more financially independent.

I wish I could say the same for so many of us who have taken mortgages we couldn't afford and as a consequence have become a slave to the system.

This is just a thought.

Where are you in this picture?

Are you actually dealing with a mortgage?

What would you tell anyone interested in taking a first or second mortgage?

Your opinion counts. Please comment.

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Cliff says...

This is so sad. It is a shame that you peopole are bad mouthing the current mortgage system in the U.S when you are always so quick to show off your big house.

Please tell me when a mortgage broker or loan officer forced you to take a loan that you couldn't afford.

There is always a choice, don't blame the system if you made the wrong one because you didnt care to read the fine print, didn't care to research before you buy or didn't care to verify what your friends were telling you. If after you pay your mortgage and there is nothing left in your paychek don't you think it is becasue you bought something that you couldnt afford.

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Alexis says...

one thing I know for sure is that: the ompanies who will work in Haiti will take they money back by doing this.Here we work for money but after paying our morgage or rent we have nothing left and it's going to be the same in Haiti.

I urge my people to very careful about

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Kaoukaw says...

As they say "the very poor" where would they find the money to pay for those

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Adeline Octave says...

If u get no back up money, please do not take a morgage, now is 2 worst time, some think that renting is for

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Jamey says...

This is the same thing like you can't your house after few months they will take it thats the reason they took so long to start rebuild this poor country.

Because they manage our gorvernment with everything to make them accept whatever they want "no respect for dignity no respect for the Haitian

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Rodolphe Schomberg says...

This is a damned shame...

Nobody is instituting mortgaging in Haiti.

People have always been in financial mortgaging back home.
What I see, is that instead of rebuilding Haiti with the moneys received as a giftfor reconstruction, Some smart allick (Probably Bill hmself) is trying to lend it to the people.

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Mizo M. says...

This is bunch of B...S....

Haiti has been taken away from the Haitians long ago. We have been under the master's rule for years.

Now it is just becoming more and more obvious.

They have taken Haiti because Haitians are uncapable of governing

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Johnston says...

This is not what is going on. You guys are buch of ignorants.

This is a program entended to help the poor people of Haiti.

Not only the program will loan them the money, the program will also help thelm to become self sufficient.

I just wish you go and make some researches before lying about

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Maurice N. says...

I think this is just a beginning.

Before you know it, you will not be able to buy anything in Haiti.

This is likely what will happen.

The loan is made. In a few months you can not pay it. The institution takes your house away, just like they do in this

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