Clinton Bush Haiti Donation Fund invested in five star hotel

Clinton Bush Haiti Donation Fund invested in five star hotel


On one hand when over 500,000 Haitians are living in IDP camps in the capital city of the nation and its surroundings, 5 Star hotels are popping up and the latest being the Royal Oasis Hotel in the metropolitan area that is plagued by poverty. $2 million from Clinton Bush Haiti Donation Fund has been invested in erecting the luxury hotel, which was actually

This investment in building a luxury hotel comes with a hope that it will attract foreign investors who will invest in new factories in Haiti, paving the path for new jobs. The hotel is also built to attract humanitarian workers and wealthy tourists who have help the nation to revive from the ruins of the 2010 earthquake. There is however, a dilemma about this overall concept as experts refer to the Hotel Boom of Haiti as deep skepticism and cautious optimism.

The Royal Oasis Hotel belongs to SCIOP S.A., which is an investment group of Haiti. This luxury 5 star hotel will be under the management of Occidental Hotels & Resorts that belongs to a Spanish chain. It is worth noting that the Western governments insisted that the donation funds be given to NGOs (non-government organizations) because they looked upon the Haitian government as corrupt.

After 2010 earthquake, relief funds were provided by Europeans, Canadians and Americans to the NGOs but they never realized that the money would be used for constructing luxury hotels. Royal Oasis Hotel is just a part of the Hotel Boom that Haiti has been experiencing of late.

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