Development Plan for the Great North of Haiti

Minister of Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT), Major David Bazile, spoke recently at the occasion of the 3rd edition of the Gouvènman an lakay ou, held in the town of Milot, site of the Sans-Souci Palace, in northern Haiti. Having the mandate of working within the framework of sovereign duty, the MICT continues to help strengthen governance at the local level as well as practicing population supervision.


Bazile announced that, as part of this mandate, the 14 projects carried out last year within the Great North will be followed up by 16 new, major projects by his MICT office for the 2013-2014 year. With a staff of 12,000 the project has seen the town of Milot benefit from 3 of the projects so far, including the creation of new infrastructure to the tune of millions of gourdes.

Slaughterhouses, a public market where the grouse of the residents may be heard and other community facilities have been erected, and the hope is that other municipalities will follow suite. Plans exist for 12 markets such as the one in Milot to be built within the scope of the project in various towns across the north of Haiti as well as on the coast of several hundred meters of rivers and shores.

On the occasion of Gouvènman an lakay ou, Minister Bazile also brought to mind the flagship project of the MICT, PINNE, the North Northeast Intervention Program. It too covered various townships across the north including Milot, and is soon to be repeated across the country in other departments.

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