HASCO And Its Past Operations In Haiti

Haitian American Sugar Company, SA (HASCO) was one of the largest refineries in Haiti. It operated from 1912 to 1987, making it the country's oldest sugar refinery at that time. HASCO was an American business venture aimed at producing and selling sugar and other sweet products in Haiti, as well as in the United States. It was owned by Charles Steinham, Franck Copay and John Christie, who registered the company with $5 million in capital.


HASCO's operation in Haiti was not always smooth. As a matter of fact, it was affected by a political turmoil in the country in 1915. Like other American businesses in the country, HASCO reeled from the effects of the country's political challenges. Such challenges posed danger to foreign ventures in the country and it was believed to have been the cause of the U.S. marine invasion in 1915. The U.S. occupation lasted for 19 years.

The illegal entry of sugar produce to the country became rampant in 1987 and this forced HASCO to cease its operation. In April 8, 1987, the company announced that it will close down, citing the smuggling of sugar from the Dominican Republic as one of the reasons for its shutdown.

More than 3,000 full-time employees reeled from the closure, while 20,000 more people, including planters and others who are involved in HASCO's operation, were also affected. The smuggling of sugar was not the only challenge that HASCO faced. The demand for sugar and sweet products also fell, which led to a sharp decline in prices of the commodity

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