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This is related to the business and financial issues related to Haiti and the Haitan community. We discuss issues such as job opportunities, how to create a business in Haiti, how to finance a project, and more.

New Decree by Privert raising the Minimum wage in Haiti

In an effort to calm the recent street protests about the minimum salary, the government of Jocelerme Privert has announced that a new Decree will be issued today (May 19, 2016). o increase the minimum salary of the employees in Haiti. As a result, the Supreme Council of Salaries has reacted favorably to the announcement. On his part, Prime minister Enex Jean-Charles continues to invite all sectors of the population to work together, stating that only peace and political stability can help the country to find the path of economic development.

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Over 200,000 jobs expected at Haiti-Dominican Border in 10 years

Here is a name that most Haitians need to get familiar with, the Bi-national Economic Council Quisqueya or (CEBQ). Last Friday (April 15, 2016) CEBQ unveiled its development project for the Haitian-Dominican border at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and it is very promising. it is one of the largest global development institution which will be devoted exclusively to the private sector.

The border development project expects to take advantage of the Hope-Help legislation and expects to create over 200,000 jobs at Haiti-Dominican Border in 10 years.

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Haitian Entrepreneur Jean-Paul Coutard built second bus

Jean-Paul Coutard has done it again. Today(3/9/16), Coutard Motors S.A. will envail its second bus made in Haiti. This new bus that is expected to be used for transportaton is more comfortable and strong than the previous one built in 2013. It is also equiped of cameras both inside and outside. The new bus will be able o transport 60 passengers comfortably, an increase of 4 seats.

The young entrepreneur Jean-Paul Coutard is the President and manager of Coutrad Motors

Haitian Kreyol:

Ayisyen Entreprenor Jean-Paul Coutard bati dezyèm otobis

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Financial transaction ordered by Wilson Laleau raised red flag

Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime is crying out for vigilance following some huge financial transactions ordered by government officials who were only supposed to be liquidating current affairs. According to the Senator, he has in his possession several financial transactions made by the Minister of Finance, Wilson Laleau, that raise lots of questions. Here are some of the transactions:

On February 18, ONA Director requested to transfer 500 million of gourdes from BRH to account number: 1021011301898 in Unibank.

Also on February 18, ONA ordered the transfer of One Billion of gourdes from BRH to account number 131669799 belonging to ONA

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Wharf Jeremie, in the Commune of Cite Soleil

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, Michel Martelly, the President of the Republic, inaugurated the socio-community infrastructures, a project of Wharf Jérémie, in the commune of Cité Soleil. The President was accompanied by Yves Germain Joseph, the Minister of Planning and External Cooperation, Mr. Jacques Rousseau, the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, and Mr. Wilson Laleau, the Minister of Economy and Finance. During his speech for the occasion, the President said, he believes the new complex of Wharf Jérémie with its modern amenities, would play an important role in the economic and social development of Haiti. It would further offer facilities for a leisure space, trade, place for technical and vocational training and sports practice to the inhabitants of Wharf.

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Economic Forum of the private sector wants Pierre-Louis Opont out of the CEP

It appears that not only some of the members of the CEP are on shaky ground but also its president as well. The Economic Forum of the private sector made it public that it wants to see Mr. Pierre Louis Opont out of the CEP. According to the coordinator of the Economic Forum, Gregory Brandt, the Forum took notes that the CEP was unable to accomplish its task which is to conduct the election process in order to have a new president in the country on February 7th, and requests that Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont be relieved of his duties to allow the country to find a solution to the current crisis

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Poukisa Pwopriyete Kay nan Amerik konsidere kom yon Klas Siperye?

Kòm sezon taks la rive, anpil pwopriyetè kay ap prepare pou reklame tout kalite dediksyon taks sou pwopriyete yo. Gen anpil fason ou kapab evite peye taks kòm yon mèt kay nan Etazini. Nou gin pou ba ou yon lis nan atik ki ape vin apre.

Konbyen fwa moun yo ap eseye konvenk m 'ke pafwa lwe pi bon pase achte; sepandan, prèv yo pa konvenk mwen ase. Apa bagay tankou libète pou soti de nan yon zòn a yon lòt ak antretyen yon kay, met Kay gen anpil avantaj taks ke lokasyon pa ofri.

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Christine Souffrant listed among best entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine has established a list of 30 young people who have influenced the industries in which they have been performing in. Christine Souffrant is the founder of "Vendedy", a site allowing street vandors to sell their products on line. She has been listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the best entrepreneurs.


Christine Souffrant se yonn nanpi gwo antreprenè, pa Forbes magazine

Forbes magazine te etabli yon lis de 30 jèn moun ki te enfliyanse endistri kote yo ape evolye a. Christine Souffrant se fondatè "Vendedy", yon sit ki pèmèt moun ki ap vann pwodwi yo sou liy mete pwodwi sa yo nan intènèt. Li te liste nan Forbes magazine kòm youn nan pi gwo antreprenè .

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$2 Billion Design District a Boon for Developers, a Threat to Residents

Miami, Florida is getting a new development project worth $2 billion, to be named the Design District. Craig Robins, a Miami native and founder and owner of Dacra Development and Real Estate, in business since 1987, is the primary investor behind the project, owning 70% of it. He says he wants ". . . to bring urban regeneration and design and architecture and art to make an impact."

To encourage a positive response from the media about the endeavor, Robins has been influencing them, by inviting them to come and see the project plans. And the media is giving the project good reviews. But the Design District project is not being well-received by residents in adjoining areas like Little Haiti, home to the Haitian Diaspora. They feel infringed upon, already threatened by the sharp rises in rent that have occurred due to other developers, pouncing on all the lots and buildings lying fallow in Miami.

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New Cement plant in Gonaives, Siman Lakay, a $300 Million investment

Haiti will soon become a cement manufacturer once again. With an investment of 300 Million US dollars by both international and Haitian investors, a brand new cement plant called Siman Lakay will be constructed in the locality "La Pierre", in Gonaives. This new cement plant is expected to both reduce our dependency on import and also create jobs. Siman Lakay will have a capacity to produce about 2 million tons of cement per year and create more than 2,200 jobs in the long term.

A 35-megawatt power plant will be built to run the new cement plant and provide electricity to a new village that will be built in the area for the 2,500 employees of the plant. Construction is expected to begin on January 13, 2016.

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