Cardinal Mgr Chilbly Langlois' comments on voodoo in Haiti

Haitian Cardinal, Mgr Chibly Langlois, recently commented in The Guardian newspaper on voodoism in Haiti. He described voodoo as a big problem in Haiti.


The response from Religions for Peace Organization's was quick and dissenting. Religions for Peace, an inter-religious organization, issued a press release in protest. They said this would create confusion and tension. This platform, which includes the Roman Catholic Church in Haiti, said their mission is to spread peace, encourage tolerance, prevent conflicts and promote peaceful co-existence. They urged all religious leaders to choose their words carefully. They also said that no religion is superior to the other.

Cardinal Mgr Chilbly Langolois' Remarks

• Cardinal Langlois commented that voodoo was a major social problem in Haiti. He also added that this religion offers magic but no solutions for the problems facing the country such as deprivation of justice.

• Mgr Chilby said that he associates the political problems to Haitians seeking refuge in supernatural powers.

• He also added that financially-able people seek the services of a doctor when sick, but if the same person went to seek justice in court, they would not consult a voodoo priest for revenge.

• He remarked that 80% of Haitians are Catholic and about half of the population engages in voodoo, though not publicly. He cited this as the reason why voodoo ceremonies are held at night.

Mgr Langlois in closing declared that Haitians cannot follow the church and practice voodoo at the same time.

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