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Cardinal Chibly Langlois calls for Jocelerme Privert to stay in office

In an interview with newspaper Nouvelliste on Monday night, Cardinal Chibly Langlois made his opinion known about the current political crisis in Haiti. The Haitian cardinal calls for Jocelerme Privert to remain as Provisional President, calling it the lesser evils. Cardinal Chibly Langlois stated that he has been following the political development in Haiti and is concerned about what is going on in currently. He thinks that the Haitian Senators and Deputies should not use the Parliament as a tool to defend their own interests and that priority should be given to improving the condition of the population.

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Cardinal Mgr Chilbly Langlois' comments on voodoo in Haiti

Haitian Cardinal, Mgr Chibly Langlois, recently commented in The Guardian newspaper on voodoism in Haiti. He described voodoo as a big problem in Haiti.

The response from Religions for Peace Organization's was quick and dissenting. Religions for Peace, an inter-religious organization, issued a press release in protest. They said this would create confusion and tension. This platform, which includes the Roman Catholic Church in Haiti, said their mission is to spread peace, encourage tolerance, prevent conflicts and promote peaceful co-existence. They urged all religious leaders to choose their words carefully. They also said that no religion is superior to the other.

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Catholic Church Faces Battle to End Co-Mingling Faiths in Haiti

Chibly Langlois, appointed by Pope Francis as Haiti's first cardinal, is faced with stopping the co-mingling of Voodoo and Catholicism in Haiti. Voodoo had been Haiti's religion before the island became colonized by Catholic countries of Spain and France. On the island of 10 million, 80% practice Catholicism, but 50% indulge in the practice of Voodoo as well.

According to Langlois, Voodoo is a religion of the poor, who have no money to pay a doctor when they fall ill. So they seek the services of a Voodoo priest, who can petition Voodoo spirits for healing. Other intercessions for money and fortune-telling also take place.

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Cardinal Chibly Langlois to celebrate first Mass at Notre Dame d'Haiti in Little Haiti

The Haitian community in Little Haiti and Miami will be able to participate in a Catholic Mass by Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois for the first time in Miami.

This Sunday, Nov. 23, at 9:30 a.m. at Notre Dame d'Haiti, 110 N.E. 62nd Street, he will be with us to celebrate the Mass with the community.

Born November 29, 1958, Chibly Langlois was elevated to the rank of cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Francis. He became the very first Haitian selected for this rank and the only one among the new cardinals who was not an archbishop.

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Voodoo an undeniable part of the culture of the Haitian people, Cardinal Chibly Langlois

Voodoo is a religious cult practiced combining the elements of Roman Catholic rituals with traditional African magical and religious rites, characterized by sorcery and spirit possession. It is heavily practiced in the Caribbean and the southern U.S.

Recently, the Haitian Cardinal, Mgr Chibly Langlois, said in a statement that voodoo was a major social problem for Haiti because the practice presents the element of magic and not genuine solutions to the people of Haiti who he termed as "a population deprived of justice and political voice."

His statement has caused such a stir among the inter-religious scope. In a press note, they said that they were extremely saddened and disappointment by the statement from the Cardinal. They argued that it would most likely intensify the confusion in peoples' minds and worsen the current anxiety and tension. They argue that the mission of the inter-religious platform is to advocate for tolerance among people, prevent conflicts and promote togetherness. They further went on to say that God does not empower any religion to judge another.

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Voodoo, big social problem in Haiti, according to Cardinal Chibly Langlois

The battle for the sole of Haiti has begun once again. In an article written in, newly nominated Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois, said that "Voodoo won't save Haiti. Traditional faith offers no real solutions for the poor and is a big social problem".

Cardinal Chibly Langlois attributed Haiti's political problems to its belief system. "If a person is well educated and has the financial means, they will go to a doctor rather than a Houngan when they are sick. The same is true for conflicts between the population; someone would go to Court to get justice instead of going to the voodoo priest to get revenge.

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Cardinal Chibly Langlois as Pontifical Commission and Council

Cardinal Chibly Langlois, Haiti's first appointee to the Roman Curia, has been given the double honor of being chosen to sit on the Pontifical Commission for Latin America (PCLA) and the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (PCJP).

Pope Pius XII established PCLA in 1958 and gave administration of its duties to the Congregation for Bishops. PCLA's function is to research challenges Catholics face in the modern age; act as apologists for the faith; and disseminate the tenets of Catholicism in Latin America. The PCLA monitors duties, integrates, and aids the Latin America Episcopal Council. This alliance came into being through the decree of Pope Paul VI in 1963. Responsibilities of PCLA entail encouraging harmonious relationships among many different bodies of faith, operated by the Catholic Church in Latin America. Cardinal Langlois is one of three members of PCLA, the others being Cardinals Leopoldo Solarzano of Nicaragua, and Ricardo Andrello of Chile.

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Historic day for Haiti, Mgr. Chibly Langlois, first Cardinal

On February 23, 2014, the investiture ceremony of 19 new cardinals at St. Peter's Basilica took place. Among the new cardinals, arrayed in their purple vestments and cardinal's caps, was Haiti's Mgr. Chibly Langlois, its first cardinal ever.

People began filling the Basilica as early as 8 am. The overflow crowd stayed outside in an area, where they could view the Consistory on over-sized screens. The crowd waited expectedly for the appearance of Pope Francis, who was elected to the papacy last March, and is the first pontiff from Latin America. The church organist began playing at 11 am as Pope Francis drew near. The unexpected presence of retired Pope Benedict XVI caused added to the significance of the occasion. He sat in the front row and was greeted by Pope Francis, amid applause from the congregation.

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Elections in Haiti likely in October 26, 2014

Who said we can't do anything? It seems like whe we really want to do something, it will happen. I would like to add with the desire of the International community. That is the case with agreement just signed at Hotel El Rancho.

On Friday March 14, 2014 at El Rancho, Cardinal Chibly Langlois informed informed the public that an agreement has been reached between President Michel Martelly, Senator Steven Benoit and representatives of political parties. Senator Benoit was mandated by the President of the Senate

Here is in brief what the new agreement consists of:

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