Causes of Road Accidents in Haiti And some Prevention Tips

The current rate of road accidents in Haiti has worried officials and organizations. According to the Platform of Haitian Human Rights Organizations (POHDH), at least two accidents occur on national roads every week. These accidents have been blamed on several causes, including overspeeding and drivers' negligence. There are also drivers who take the road even under the influence of alcohol, as well as those who overload and lose control of their vehicles. The poor condition of roads and the lack of proper road signs are also among the main causes of such accidents.


Given this, the POHDH urged the authorities to strictly implement road regulations involving traffic governance, road codes and vehicle inspections. POHDH official Antonal Mortime said that many accidents "could have been avoided" if the authorities have been ensuring that road standards and safety regulations are met.

In order to curb down road accidents, officials must inspect all vehicles, have drivers undergo visual and auditory examinations and utilize road cameras. More traffic enforces must also be deployed so as to monitor traffic and road activities. It would also help if there are emergency centers on national roads so that victims will receive first aid immediately. The maintenance of roads, as well as the regulation of driving schools should also be guaranteed. Drivers who are at fault should be deal with accordingly and victims must receive proper compensation. These are only some of the recommendations in avoiding and dealing with road accidents.

The Office of Vehicle Insurance Against Third, the National Police of Haiti, the Ministry of Public Works and town halls were also urged to enhance their services and make sure that all their road responsibilities are fulfilled.

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