Charles St-Rémy AKA Kiko Vs Laurent Lamothe, Problem in the Presidential Family

What ever happened to: " Laver son linge sale en famille?


The protest of November 18, 2014 has revealed one thing if anything else. It has confirmed rumors that have been circulating out in the streets. It does in fact exists many different clans in the government of Michel Martelly and as in many territories controlled by clans, they will fight for control of territories.

The now open and unmistaken fight between Charles St-Rémy AKA Kiko and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe falls under this category. Kiko St. Rémy, Martelly's own brother-in-law, joined the marchers on November 18 to publicly demand the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe.

Using same lines with the opposition, he accused the Haitian Prime Minister of corruption. He also stated that Lamothe is responsible for the current wave of arrest, including the 20 demonstrators in the past month as well as Rony Timothée et Biron Odigé.

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Sanble ginyin yon apse ki pete la oui. Prezans Bofrè madanm prezidan-an nan manifestasyon 18 Novam sa, mwin pa te ouè li non. Lè ke Charles St-Rémy (Kiko) paret nan manifestasyon sa, li vini mete de pye Prezidan Martelly nan yon grinn soulier

Pandan ke ke dlow ki nan bokit kote Prezidan Martelly chita-a comance bouyi, moun ki te avek li-a komanse sove kite li oui

Eske nou prale ouè lot rat ki prale kouri kite bato-a pandan ke li ape koule?

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Neg Miserne says...

I was right.

Martelly has full power.

The uncle toms are out. The Mulatoes have full power without their uncle toms servants.

But, dont worry the true sons haiti will come soon to lead Haiti.

And with our true flag of Haiti.

The BLACk and RED. The uncle toms, lavallas hate the true flag.
By the it is time to bring Aristide in front of

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Neg Miserne says...


The lavalasses are made up of Uncle toms. The true sons of Haiti, by the way, the symbol of the true sons of Haiti iS BLACk and RED, while the symbol of the uncle toms of haiti is blue and red.They hate everything African, while they admire everything from the white

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Neg Miserne says...

Don't worry
Vle ou pa Vle, Martelly will have complete power by Jan. 12, 2015. Because right now is mulatoes power and they want Martelly.

The lavalasses movement will be defeated.

Because it is made up of Uncle toms and the true sons of Haiti.

By the way, the symbol of the true sons is the BLACK & RED FLAG.The symbol of the uncle toms of haiti is blue & red flag. The symbol of the killers of

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