Cholera outbreak an excuse not to hold Haiti Election

Is the Haitian government trying to use the Cholera outbreak not to hold election in November? I do not know about you, but I actually do not see a clear leader now in the Haiti election. I can safely say at this time that anyone of the four leading candidates could win in November, and that includes either Michel Martelly, Mirlande Manigat, Jude Celestin, or Charles Henri Baker.


Haiti Presidential Election Ballot

For a presidential election in Haiti that is appearing to be more and more out of control, I think this is a great opportunity to buy time and look further into the future to see what's ahead. Last Saturday Haitian President Rene Preval voiced his concern about the upcoming November 28 Haiti election, worrying about potential contagion at the polling stations.

I smell something, I don't know what it is but I definitely smell something.

Do you think the Haitian President could use this opportunity to buy time for his friend Jude?

Do you think an eventual delay in the November election could boost the chance for candidate Jude Celestin to win?

Is there a real threat for cholera contagion or not?

Do you see any other alternative to the November 28 election in Haiti?

Your opinion counts, please comment

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Cheremond says...

Haiti don't need election they need tretment for cholera in then construction for the people how's homeless and give them food
so build job allover Haiti, so they can do best for

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Edgar King says...

Roland! I agree with Mr. Jean Max Joseph! The elections should be put off, while all interests, and efforts go forth towards quelling this crippleing-outbreak!
It is irrelevant right now, who is leading, or receeding in vote-points.

What is of utmost importance is assisting the victims of this plague, and finding ways to prevent another similar

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Jean Max Joseph says...

I agree with you. Haiti does not need an election at this time. The Cholera outbreak might be a sign that is telling us that we need to focus on other things for the time been.

I do not think that presidential election in Haiti or the election of a new president will change our situation.

Everybody wants to be in charge but no one is qualified or really interested about Haiti's problem once in power.

Will a new president develop a plan in Haiti so that when we have an outbreak such as the recent cholera, we can take care of ourselves and not crying for help at every opportunity we have.

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Jessica says...

I don't think Haiti need an election right know. They need to place a president by interim and try to build the country structures.

We don't have a Palace and all the other offices are down. Most of the candidates can not be trusted, and most of the people running for president presently look like the same old timers.

please stop the Haitian peoples pain, and stop running for offices for profit.

Haiti is completely

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Pierre says...


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Marie-carmen says...

The cholera outbreak in Haiti is for real. It would be a good thing to postpone the election id it represents a danger that more people could be affected bu this deadly disease.

President Rene Preval is to be commended for this action.

Someone has to be looking out for us because we are so blind doing politic, we do not see that this cholera aotbreak could kill a lot of

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Lucien Nicholas says...

Once again Preval is showing that he can prevent the election in November.

The guy is extremely smart and one that he is the master of his domain.

Rene Preval is the only one who has shown ability to govern Haiti so far. Haiti is not an easy country to govern and if Preval was able to complete two full terms in office, at least he deserves the recognition.

There aare two ways to govern our people either with "Makak" or to be extremely

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Ti Roger says...

Once again Preval is trying to manipulate the election by using the cholera outbreak not to hold election in Haiti.

This should not happen.

No one has the right to play in the mind of the Haitian people like this. I know that Preval is a master in Haitian politic but i do not think that he will be able to pull this one.

Why do you think the election is the first thing that came to his mind. It is because Jude Celestin is loosing

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