CIMO officers shot during Haiti Protest

At least two policemen have been injured after clashes erupted between opposition supporters and police forces during a protest against presidential election results in Port-au-Prince. It was reported that the CIMO officer received the bullet in the belly. He was taking to a truck, head wrapped and later observed getting out of the car on his own. The protest yesterday was erupted following the final results of the first round of the presidential elections that were released on Monday by the CEP. The CEP has announced that Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin had come out as the two top winners of the first round of the presidential election.


What is fueling the rioting is the discrepancy between the number of votes cast for Moise-6% according to an exit poll-and the final tabulation of 32.8% of votes attributed to him. At 6% he would place fourth, well behind Celestin's second-place ranking.

Haitians are deeply suspicious about the final count, and point to over 200 arrests for voter fraud as evidence of a plot to propel Moise into the president's office. Martelly's PHTK party rebuts charges it controlled the voting process and/or falsified tabulation results.

Tens of thousands of Haitians have called on the CEP to cancel the October 25th election, but the electoral body won't budge on its position the vote count produced accurate results, favoring Moise, who will challenge Celestin in a run-off on December 27th.

Haitian Kreyol:
Yo tire yon Ofisye CIMO pandan Pwotestasyon an Ayiti - Genyen omwen de polisye ki te blese apre eklatman ant sipòtè opozisyon ak fòs lapolis pandan yon pwotestasyon kont rezilta eleksyon prezidansyèl yo nan Pòtoprens. Yo rapòte ke ofisye CIMO a resevwa bal la nan vant. Yo te pran li mete nan yon kamyon, epi pita nou obsève ofisye sa te soti nan machin nan sou pwòp tèt li. Ppwotestasyon Yè an te eklate apre rezilta final premye tou an nan eleksyon prezidansyèl la ki te lage Lendi pa CEP a. CEP a te anonse ke Jovenel Moise ak Jude Celestin te soti kòm de ganyan anwo nan premye tou an nan eleksyon pwezidansyèl la.

Ki sa ou di nan sa?

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