Is Jude Celestin playing the G8 members or will he go to Run-Off election?

Since the official announcement by the CEP that Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin are the two candidates qualified to run in the run-off election scheduled for December 27, lots of rumors have been circulating on whether or not Jude Celestin will eventually accept to face the candidate of the President. According to Former Senator Jean Hector Anacacis, Jude Celestin doesn't know yet whether or not he will go to the run-off election with Jovenel Moise. He stated that they are currently meeting with other members of the G8 to expand the candidates who have been protesting the election. The question remains: will he break with the opposition and go for it? Is he using the other G8 members, looking for support and later on drop them? When will he know exactly?


Haitian Kreyol:

Èske Jude Celestin apejwe manm G8 yo oswa li aprale nan eleksyon?

Depi anons ofisyèl CEP a ki di Jovenel Moise ak Jude Celestin se de kandida sa yo ki kalifye nan eleksyon an pou ale nan 2yiem tou 27 Desanm, anpil rimè te sikile sou si ou pa Jude Celestin pral evantyèlman aksepte fè fas a kandida prezidan an.

Dapre Ansyen Senatè Jean Hector Anacacis, Jude Celestin ponko konnen ankò si wi ou non li pral ale nan eleksyon ak Jovenel Moise. Li deklare ke kounye a, yo nan reyinyon ak lòt manm nan G8 la pou elaji kandida yo ki ape pwoteste kont eleksyon an. Kesyon an rete: Eske li va soti nan opozisyon an epi ale nan eleksyon? Èske li ape jwe manm G8 yo? Se ki lè yo pral konnen egzakteman?

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Subject: Is Jude Celestin playing the G8 members or will he go to Run-Off election? edit

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