Tabarre A Small Town In Haiti

Tabarre is a municipality and a small town located in Haiti's Central American Republic and Ouest Department in the Port-au-Prince Arrondissement. It is 7 kilometers southeast of the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. It spreads across an area of 24.47 square kilometers and has an estimated population of 118,477 as per 2009 census.


Location Of US Embassy In Tabarre

Embassy of the United States was constructed recently in Tabarre, in the suburban area just outside the capital Port-au-Prince. The January 2010 earthquake ravaged the region badly. A lot of efforts are being put to develop the region.

Tabarre is located within the coordinates 72°16'0 West of the Greenwich meridian and 18°35'0 North of the equator and is 48 meters above sea level. Bellevue 1 and Bellevue 2 are the two sections into which the municipality is divided into.

The locals hope that they will get aid which in turn will accelerate the region's growth. All government agencies of the United States are housed at the US Embassy located in Tabarre. The old embassy site in Port-au-Prince had a range of facilities and the embassy was shifted in 2008 to the new place. After the relocation the government of US, it leased out the property to the Haitian government for $1.

The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission headquarters and many ministry offices are currently housed here. The historic gingerbread building in Champs-de-Mars also served as the embassy building for some time. Before this it was a post-colonial building on Rue Bonne Foi which served as the American Legation.


As compared to the rest of Haiti the network for transportation is much better. Dirt roads still serve this place while some paved roads are also seen.

The Port-au-Prince International Airport is the closest to Tabarre at a distance of 3 km, while the Camp Canargus Airport is situated at a distance of 6 km from Tabarre.

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