Civil Society Initiative (ISC) sees legal term of Haitian Senators January 2015

At the Plaza Hotel, on Friday, October 11th, a conference was held by the ISC (Civil Society Initiative) where they convened on the matter relating to the ending of the term served by Senators.


The group, constituted of various associations, organizations and institutions pored over those legal documents that speak to the end date for the term served by the Senators, set to be done on the second Monday of the first month of 2014.

In a declaration coming out of the ISC meeting, the various heads of different Civil Society groups stated that their disquiet over the menace of the country's parliament becoming defunct at the date of the next term focused their efforts and had them seeking the advice of experts on the constitution, political scientists and lawyers. From their talks, some observances and determinations were made.

According to Section 85 of the 2008 Electoral Act, the term for Senators should end on the second Monday of January of their sixth year of term. This date is not influenced by the date on which they actually took office, making the transfer of power within parliament a fixed point.

Also, the provisional Article 231 of the law, which says that senators elected in the next contest, set to replace one third of the Senate, should remain in office until the second Monday of January 2014 with a three-month period to finalize elections, must be superseded by Article 85 as the elections were not conducted in 2008, as is outlined in Article 231, but in April and June of the following year.

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Subject: Civil Society Initiative (ISC) sees legal term of Haitian Senators January 2015 edit

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