Liancourt in Artibonite

Set in the countryside of Haiti, Liancourt presents as a level site on the fringe of more populous towns and cities. It sits in the Artibonite region of Haiti and can be found 190 North and 720 West.


In the past, those who grew up in Liancourt left its sleepy country life for the faster paced cities where jobs were to be found in more abundance and variety than what is offered in their village. However, since the 2010 earthquake, which destroyed the homes, work places and livelihoods of many, scores have flooded back to Liancourt from places like Port-au-Prince to try to find a new place in the world.

When they come back, having made new ties in another part of Haiti, most must rely on the kindness of friends and family members to offer them living space. An added block to their comfort in going back home is the continued lack of opportunity within the small community. Mainly a settlement that relies on agriculture for their livelihood, the residents are further plagued by a severe lack of water to grow food as well as a threat from the subsidized food that is being imported from the United States.

One ray of light for the residents in Liancourt is the creation of a small garden for the community, and a well at the depth of 50 feet along with a water reservoir to ensure water will always be available for sustaining the garden.

Recently, Haiti's bicolor day was set to culminate with an environmental education workshop held in Liancourt.

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