Creole Choir of Cuba Caribbean's Best Export

Grammy-nominated Creole Choir of Cuba has launched their U.S tour in Tallahassee, Florida at the Ruby Diamond Concert Hall, much to the excitement of Florida State University students, fervent fans of their music.


The group Creole Choir of Cuba is composed of ten members, five male, five female. Residents of the Cuban community of Camaguey, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Cuba, they sing and play, communicating songs of Haitian folk legends from prior generations, going back over 200 years.

Forebears of Creole Choir of Cuba were displaced from Haiti to Cuba to toil under virtual slavery on sugar and coffee farms. This lasted until Fidel Castro came to power during the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

Their success as a folk-artist group is due to the infectious, joyful, powerful, and multi-layered content of their music. Créole Choir of Cuba's irrefutable appeal stems from a buoyant spirit of resilience, resolve, and transcendence that history and heritage has bequeathed to them.

Créole Choir of Cuba performs in Créole, a derivative language of African, Taino, French, Spanish, and English influences. Although their music is largely based on traditional Haitian folk songs, they have incorporated contemporary elements into their music since 1996, influenced by the newer styles of Compás and Racine music.

Créole Choir of Cuba's magnetic and high-octane performances document their ancestral legacy. Soulful, socially-conscious, ritualistic, and joyful abandonment characterize the concert's impact on audiences. A jubilant ecstasy pervades their music, and they are without a doubt the Caribbean's foremost exponents of its musical roots.

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