CSPJ Assigns Thiers Malette To Its Panel

The Superior Council of Judicial Power (CSPJ) in Haiti has created a panel consisting of Thiers Malette and eight other officials. Malette is the Government Commissioner at the Court of Cassation. His installment as a CSPJ member means that he will be part of the panel tapped to contribute to the improvement of the country's judicial system. Among the CSPJ's responsibilities is to hire and train judges and court employees. They can also carry out relevant and necessary investigations.


Malette and the other members officially took the positions during a ceremony at the School of Magistrates. Upon the inauguration, the CSPJ panel has a lot of work to do. Its job is very crucial to the country and its entire judicial system. As a matter of fact, Durin Duret, the President of the Association of Haitian Magistrates believes that the creation of the CSPJ nine-member panel is an important step to gain back public confidence.
Aside from Malette, other officials were installed as members of CSPJ in order to ensure that the panel's tasks are done efficiently. These officials include President of the Court Cassation Anel Alexis Joseph and Vice-President Antoine Norgaisse. The rest of the panel consists of Max Elibert, Gustave Pharaon, Jean Alix Civil, Dilia Lemaire, Nehemie Josep and Jean Etienne Mercier.

With their new roles, Malette and his co-members are now in the position to ensure that the rights and welfare of Haitians are protected and served. They have a better chance to boost the judicial system in the country and to strengthen its rule of law.

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